Signs of tape worms in humans: symptoms, treatment

Helminths (or worms) are very common in certain layers of the population. Most of the time the kids put worms, lovers of fish and other parasites are exposed to, and the hunter – trichinosis. The scientists were able to prove that the emergence of various diseases are explained, and infestation with worms. Particularly important is the relationship worms infestation with the development of malignant tumors.

In addition, signs of worms, the symptoms of other diseases of the stomach resemble-intestinal tract, and the Person can be long and without success treated, and only one or two courses of anthelmintic drugs help to improve the condition.

How is the infection?

Signs of tapeworms in humans

Worm eggs can be absorbed into the body from four sources:

  • Through the ground or the water with the eggs of worms. They penetrate into the soil through the faeces of man and animals. In addition, the eggs can fly, can be transmitted by direct contact with animals or consumption of contaminated food (worm eggs). Therefore, after each contact with the earth, you must be sure to wash your hands, the nails cut short (especially children), and all the fruits and vegetables before eating, thoroughly wash. You need to carefully refers to dogs and cats, go on the road and the house is worm, can cause eggs and infection. The flies in the public toilets, or live cattle, you can put on the food, so the spread of worm eggs.
  • Contact (from one Person to another). In this way, the most common worms – pinworms. The infection is very easy. Female pinworms in the night, crawls out of the intestine and lays its eggs near the Anus, severe itching provokes. The child starts to scratch, and the eggs remain in the hands of the lower and of the bed linen, and to wash immediately if hands are in all the other subjects. If another person touches these subjects and not wash their hands before eating, worms move freely in the body.
  • Parasites occur in the case of the consumption of raw or inadequately treated meat and fish. If the products of helminths were found to be infected, and the infection of humans is going to happen. This type of contagion-prone for people who like fat with streaks of meat, Sushi or dried fish.
  • In some cases, worms in the body after insect bites.

A possible contamination by the wet water. In open waters, or fountains of a large number of worm is eggs. So, the inhabitants of the countryside, you have to boil or use a special Filter.

Children are more susceptible to the infestation with worms. This is due to the fact that in the case of children not yet full immunity is formed, and the quantity of the gastric juice is not allowed to actively combat the worms and their eggs. To explore in addition, children of preschool age, the world, try the surrounding objects on the taste, reducing the risk of infection. If the child appeared pinworms, you must take action immediately to prevent the infection to the Rest of the family.

It is worth noting that the worms cannot multiply in the human organism. In the case of any type of worms, their life cycle, after which the parasite dies. For example, pinworms that time is only a couple of weeks, and in the case of roundworms – about a year. Eggs worm needs to get in the external environment (e.g. with faeces), where the adult parasites hatch and re-infection can occur.

It is important to remember that the increase in the number of worms in the body, can only with the recurrence of infection. Therefore, the prevention of Helminthiasis should engage strictly to the rules of personal Hygiene and regularly. So pinworms from the body can be derived, without the need for treatment in only three weeks, but as is the case with this type of worms the risk of re-infection is very high, especially among children.

The main features of Helminthiasis

The most common Symptom of worms in humans is a faster weight loss, pallor of the skin, itching in the Anus and disturbed. But these are just some of the obvious reasons, while the symptoms of worms can be much more true and bring the parasites can only in the implementation of special investigations.

Signs of worms can be:

the symptoms of worms
  • General weakness and disorders of the nervous system. For its life cycle of worms, a large amount of toxic emitting materials, and the more parasites in the body, the stronger the symptoms of poisoning. It is evident in General weakness and nervous disorders. The patients complain of headache, dizziness, sometimes in combination with nausea. Often people believe that they started in migraine, and just take painkillers. In addition, the presence of toxins in the body, joint pain, increased temperature to fever level provoke.
  • Disorders of the digestive tract. if the parasite lives in the intestine and not in the tissues or organs, the primary Symptom of Helminthiasis are disorders of the digestive tract. The Patient complains of constant diarrhea or constipation, nausea, periodic vomiting, abdominal pain (especially localized in the vicinity of the navel). Also occur bloating and pain under the right rib. Brightness showed symptoms depends on the population of the parasites. In addition, some species of worms in the process of living hormone-like substances secrete that cause diarrhea, and if it overlaps a large number of large parasites in the intestine, the constipation provoked.
  • Reduced immunity, which leads to a predisposition for infectious diseases. Since worms do not only produce toxins, but without the human part of the nutrients in the organism of the Patient the body's defenses. This could lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases or the beginning of an inflammation in the nasopharynx Symptom of tapeworms in adult women can cause inflammation in the genital area. In girls a long time the presence of pinworms may also be an inflammation of the uterine appendages provoke.
  • Allergic Symptoms. Patients with worms Invasion suffer from a bad condition of the skin. To reduce in the process of vital activity of the worms, the sensitivity of the body, and some proteins as 'foreign' is perceived, and that leads to skin rashes, allergic manifestations, fittings and other. The Allergy can affect only on the skin, but also as allergic Rhinitis, bronchial Asthma, or dry cough In addition, patients with endless screws, nails brittle, hair and cracks on the heels.

The institutions of the habitat of worms

Worms are divided into two types, depending on their habitat:

  • The fabric of life in the tissues and organs (e.g. the muscles, the lungs, the liver or in the brain, and in some cases, even the lymph vessels).
  • Translucent worms settle in the small intestine and colon. There are about a hundred species, and they are in different parts of the intestine. For example, a tapeworm or roundworms live in the small intestine, and pinworms, and dwarfish tsepen – in the lower part of the small intestine.

Nematode relate directly to two types of worms, such as on the primary stage of development they are in the blood and, in consequence, every body can beat absolutely.

Symptoms of Helminthiasis, depending on the type of worms

Signs of a parasitic infection depends not only on its extent and localization, but also the type of worms. The first signs of the disease manifest themselves in different times. For example, ascarids symptoms occur already on the third day after the occurrence of the parasites in the body, and the other species of worms, usually only a few weeks later. There are also worms, the symptoms manifest themselves after 6-18 months.

The risk of infestation of worms is that in a small number of parasites, the disease may occur without noticeable symptoms. Strong characters appear only in the presence of large parasites (roundworm) or in the case of a large number of parasites.

  • The symptoms of pinworms, apart from the usual, typical of Helminthiasis, include a severe itching in the Anus, which is amplified in the night. An important feature of the infestation of parasites, and the regular itching that disappears just a few days, then comes back a few weeks later.
  • The infection with worms is shown in dependence on the stage of development of the parasites. If in the blood the larvae move and start to move to the various organs, the Patient may be slight fever, General weakness and cough, wherein the binding is characterized mucus and sometimes blood. A blood test is the high content of eosinophils, allergic reactions. Massive infection may lead to the development of pneumonia and Bronchitis with bouts of breathlessness. At a later time, when the localization of the parasites appear in the intestine, and disorders of the digestive tract. a characteristic feature of Ascariasis – fast weight loss. This is due to the fact that the parasites produce substances, neutralizing action of the enzymes for the cleavage of proteins. Complications of this type of worms infestation, addiction, bowel obstruction, pancreatitis, acute appendicitis, and yellow.
  • Diphyllobothriasis et Al. lead to anemia and other diseases because of the waste products of the worms of this type, change the intestinal flora, promotes the development of dysbiosis of the intestine.
  • Opisthorchiasis, etc. infect the liver, and therefore, the symptoms of this parasitic infection include jaundice, enlargement of the liver and spleen, pancreatitis and digestive disorders.
  • Urogenital Schistosomiasis diureticeskie disorders provoked, the basic the appearance of blood at the conclusion of micturition.
  • Nematode shows a wide range of symptoms, which may be a disturbance of the gastro-intestinal, digestive disorders, and allergies.

Analyses for the presence of worms

In order to determine whether worms in humans, carry out laboratory tests. In addition, parasitic infection, and the number of positive answers to the following questions:

  • Frequent consumption of raw vegetables and fruit without pre-wash
  • Periodic or constant itching in the Anus
  • Weight reduction under a reduced or increased appetite
  • Skin rashes
  • Eating meat with blood, crude fat, and fish
  • Recurring nausea and vomiting
  • Snoring and creaking the teeth during the night
  • Common digestive disorders: constipation, diarrhea, bloating and feeling of fullness
  • Pain in muscles and joints without physical effort
  • Restless Sleep, Nightmares
  • Pets or work with animals
  • Swelling of the feet
  • Yellow staining of the skin and mucous membranes
  • Allergies (Asthma, rashes, allergic cough and runny nose)
  • Gratuitous increase of the temperature
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • The work with children, or children of preschool age in the family
  • Pain in the abdomen, which are themselves
  • Bitter taste in the mouth

If you give us a positive response to seven questions, there is the danger of infestation. If the positive responses showed 15 or more to see a doctor, hand over the analysis Kala on eggs a worm, blood and scratching.

The treatment of Helminthiasis

At the Moment there are about a dozen drugs, the of worms different spectrum of activity. For any type of worms, a special drug is a directional antenna. A specific medication to prescribe only a doctor after a examination and analysis. This is due to the fact that the remedy against parasites can trigger toxic, and the wrong selection of drugs, the negative consequences for the patient. For the treatment of the most widespread worms (pinworms and roundworms) the use of such preparations:

  • Piperazine;
  • Means albendazola;
  • Drugs on the Basis of levamisole;
  • Etc.

Since not all drugs destroy the larvae and eggs of helminths, there is the risk of recontamination. As often as you repeat the treatment after two weeks. The people's means of struggle worms are grass, tansy, and pumpkin seeds. Better you buy the unpeeled sunflower seeds and eat them together with a thin Film, the skinned before. Effective means: a Cup of crushed seeds to use, mix with honey or jam and in the morning. Then, within three hours of nothing to eat and do an enema. If necessary, repeat the treatment after two weeks.