How to get pills the parasites from the body

Many meet with such a Problem, such as worms. To acquire the preparations for cleansing the body of parasites is possible in every pharmacy, but most patients prefer to use traditional methods. A great diversity of these parasites, but they always lead to problems with health. Why? The bowel suffers, the immunity drops, the person loses much of their weight. Exactly these worms dangerous. What helps to remove and prevent further occurrence?


Indications for cleaning

80% of all diseases due to parasites. Everyone can by viruses, such as: for this Optional unwashed vegetables or fruit, and still more with animals. Well wash your hands after the arrival of the road not the possibility of worms is eliminated start. Parasites in humans is a large number. Worm eggs will not be washed off even with hot water. You are able to lead to these disorders:

  • Allergies;
  • Diarrhea or constipation;
  • impure skin;
  • Muscle pain and cramps;
  • Oncology.

If the immune system is strong, then worms in the body can not survive and there is no negative impact. Treatment of parasites is in the location, only a doctor. To do this he must show the presence of parasites, the Patient has and what kind of worm it is. For this purpose it is necessary the analysis of blood and feces, as well as other types of research. If in the analyses of worm eggs found, then you should immediately start the treatment with the course of immune-stimulating drugs.

Cleaning methods

Cleaning methods

The body of worms effectively you can clean it with various means. The most important cleanse the body of eggs. If you do not do this, the whole treatment is ineffective. Of all the means against vermin share on popular and medical. The last is more efficient than the alternatives, but they are not popular in the population. This is due to their high cost, but also with defectum auctoritate disease. In addition, people are afraid of side effects, the intake of such drugs. Home-made medicines are cheaper, and components in every home. But these medicines have a very little result, and often lead to new pathologies of the gastro-intestinal tract (stomach and intestines).

Among the alternative methods the methods for the Malakhov and semenowoj. The first method is to eat Outputting products: mugwort, ginger, cloves, and others. Semenov in their methodology advises Sauer enemas 2 times a day, morning and evening.

Scientifically, these two theories are not proven, but the people you tried to notice the improvement in your own well-being. This can associate with the fact that these methods saturate the body with vitamins and purified of toxins. Therefore, you should not self-medicate. Treatment with pharmaceutical products must begin with the preparation for the cleaning. Antiparasitic cleaning does not happen quickly (black worm output at the longest). The clarification of an organism from the parasites with medication is much faster. For the treatment of anthelmin assigned tables therapy. For the cleaning of the body, the pills and powders, but not infusa grass. Such funds can only remove the symptoms but not the cause of how to fix.

Preparation for cleaning the body of parasites

Before the cleaning is a mandatory procedure. It is necessary to eliminate it easier for worms from the body and alleviate the consequences of the breeding. Because of the elimination sub-procedure. The cleaning begin 7-10 days prior to the elimination of the parasites. Methods for cleaning up:

  • The observance of proper diet (nothing greasy, fried, spicy, salty), to the possibility of vegetarianism.
  • Increasing the amount of fiber in the diet.
  • The increase of fluid in the body (you need to drink more than 2 liters of water per day).
  • How to fix problems with constipation, if they are present. Apply weak course a laxative, but if you don't help, then a couple of pyrethri put enemas.

In spite of the whole seriousness of the training, not in every case. This would mean that the problems with the liver (as in this case, assumes the total impact of the authority), of the digestive tract, of the circulatory System. Deduce consequences, without preparation, to provoke, and other health problems.

The scheme of treatment

Morbis infectiosis is a scheme of the admission antihelminthic drugs, includes 5 stages:

  1. First антигельминтный take the drug.
  2. Chelators prescribe within 5 days.
  3. Since 2 weeks enzymatic means are used.
  4. Within 3 weeks, the bioprparate should.
  5. In the last stage of Vitamin apply-Mineral-complex.

The scheme of treatment of parasites: cleansing the body, comprehensive cleaning of parasites, to restore. The course of treatment depends on, which method to use (get rid of drugs, medicine or home) chose a Patient. You should not bypass and the age of the patient. For younger patients, less invasive therapy should be prescribed. Your body is weaker than in an adult. For the destruction of vermin child of sweet must free. Strong medications lead to dehydration or to dysbiosis. Similar effects are possible in older people whose immune systems are weakened already. Regardless of the drug, the parasite for the whole family. A course for the improvement of immunity is necessary. After a treatment in the food more seasonal fruit and vegetables administered.

As: the list of drugs

With the new achievements of medicine, the number of drugs for the cleaning of the organism of the parasite increased significantly. You can find medicines for every taste and budget. Tablets for the cleaning of the body, there is in every pharmacy. And it is not surprising, because the number of people grows, the Problem rapidly. This is associated with the human expertise and the disregard of hygienic rules, but also with the General decline of immunity. Below you will find the names of the most popular and the most effective medication of helminths:

  • "Nematol". The medicine helps, any kind of parasites. The treatment ranges from 8 to 30 days. Along with the food. Before eating, the woman holding a pregnancy test and during the treatment, reliable prevention of enjoys products. Contraindicated in pregnancy, up to the age of 2 years, in diseases of the liver, and the kidneys.
  • "Dekaris" de vermis means, take before bedtime with a small amount of food. "Dekaris" accepted promptu, but it is necessary, repeat the treatment after 2-3 weeks. The drug is contraindicated in breastfeeding, and children up to the age of 3 years.
  • "Vermoxum". Accepted from 3 days to several weeks. Among the contraindications pregnancy, lactation, ulcerative colitis and other chronic gastrointestinal diseases. Contraindicated in age of up to 3 years. In the case of Diabetes while taking this drug, the entry of Insulin to reduce.
  • "Helmintox". The softest among all the drugs for the excretion of parasites. For people, the failure suffering from acute kidney, as well as infantes up to 6 months. During pregnancy and lactation eliminate of worms with the help of this medication under medical supervision in acute need.

Facilities for children

All of the above means can be used in the treatment of parasites in children. Dose selected individually, depending on the drug, weight and age. Spend helminths in children must parasitologist. Derive means spared the liver of the patient. To this list, you can add the names of such medication:

  • "Pyrantel". Approved for children from 6 months mi. There is increased temperature, abdominal pain, rash and other side effects.
  • "Albendazole". Calculation of the dose depends on the weight. The drug is up to the age of 2 years.
  • "Mebendazole". Contraindicated in age up to 2 years. You can not use the drug for diseases of the kidneys. The dose depends on the weight of the child and the nature of the parasite.

Side effects of the therapy

Virtually all of the drugs against parasites lead to side effects. Also, the best therapy is not to get rid of them. To get rid of worms, the patient the unpleasant sensations tolerate. In this treatment, mainly the liver suffers. It is the natural Filter of the body, and all means against parasites — it is a kind of poison. The parasites come painful. The excretion of parasites leads to such side effects:

  • Diarrhea;
  • Vomiting or nausea;
  • Blackout in the eyes, violation of consciousness (in very rare cases, hallucinations);
  • Cramps and many others.

Folk Remedies

traditional methods

Due to the fact that drugs are toxic, among the population of the popular home-made medicines for getting rid of parasites. To get effective ways to combat parasites in the home is difficult. Homemade medicine has in its Arsenal a large number of recipes. Remove parasites from the body) with the help of plant seeds (flax seed, pumpkin seed, and other), and herbs (wormwood, St. John's wort, and others.

You can pin with the help of garlic and pine. Far mushrooms and nuts widely used. Grapefruit with parasites — an effective means. Many claim that parasites helps enema expel.